South Carolina Genealogy

Leonard Andrea's work consists of research on a number of important South Carolina families and related surnames. As such, this website is a useful tool for anyone doing research on South Carolina genealogy. However, The actual records for each family are not online at this site. You should use this site to see if your names of interest are included in the actual files. If they are, visit our More Information page to learn where to obtain copies of the full research.

The Andrea Files

This website is an abstract of the records in the Andrea Files. The surnames and other information are listed alphabetically in three groups: Index to Files, Folders, and Resources. However, some surnames are grouped together with other surnames. To maximize your search results, read through all the listings or use the search function in your browser.

Mr. Andrea was a professional genealogist, so his letters to and from his clients are shown in his account of research for that family. He includes some wills, deeds, and grants of land to prove his points. You will find about everything that he collected to come to his conclusions for any particular client.

Andrea, Leonardo. The Leonardo Andrea Genealogical Collection for South Carolina. A collection of approximately 1,029 folders of compiled genealogical information and records on approximately 825 surnames including material from local and church records, family records and Bibles. The collection is on microfilm {57 rolls, 35 mm.} at the South Caroliniana Library {SCL}, University of South Carolina, Columbia. Special copying provisions apply. Contact the Manuscripts Curator, South Caroliniana Library.